Hur skapas pengar idag? Expert förklarar

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Text från Credit and Capital Markets 3/2013:

What is the money that is used for the majority of our transactions, and where does it come from? Werner (1992, 1997, 2005) pointed out that our money supply is mainly created by banks . How do banks create money? As Werner (2005) ex- plains, banks simply invent 97% of the money supply when they credit borrowers’ bank accounts with sums of money that nobody transferred into these accounts from other parts of the economy . In other words, banks create money out of nothing when they extend bank credit (or purchase other assets) . This is why the process of granting bank loans is better described by the expression ‘credit creation’ .

Textbooks are still reluctant to make this clear, and many a trained economist, even banking expert or banking regulator seems unaware of this fact.

På svenska, banker skapar den aktiva delen av penningmängden när de skriver in siffror på kundernas konton (så kallade tangentbordspengar, de skapas genom en knapptryckning). Svårare än så är det inte, så skapas pengar idag. Banken skapar pengar som aldrig tidigare existerat varje gång de ger lån, de tar inte pengar från någon form av besparingar eller inlåning utifrån.